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Our company was founded in Italy in 1980 and from that moment we have been producing amusement rides, creating ourselves a rich portfolio and credibility.

The Technical Park Ferris Wheels division is a very reliable choice to contract a panoramic attraction with proven support and service for your future investment.

Our team of experts consist of creative artists, competent engineers, proficient crafting workers, enthusiastic agents that work all together to reach the purposes of the company and satisfy the customers and to play their best part in the world of the amusement ride industry.
We can support you step by step, from the design in the art department, to the mechanical and engineering side.
We are committed to maintaining high standards by mixing traditions, matching cutting edge technology and creative design.

We can support you in identifying the most feasible and lucrative Wheels in a range of overall heights from 20 meters up to 80 meters and over suggesting the perfect Wheel for every spot, assuring the right fit for any environment and meeting local rules that are established by each country. In addition we support you after the sale, thanks to our careful customer service which is committed to implementing technologies and solving your doubts and problems even remotely, when it’s possible.
Our production flexibility is one of the factors that gives us strengths and credibility, linked to our ability to produce ferris wheels in a very short time, without neglecting quality, design and safety.

A Ferris Wheel is not simply a profitable investment but makes your location a special point of interest for tourists and locals alike, collecting the attention of the public nearby thanks to its size and designs and also creating a myth that remains imprinted in the common imagination.

Do not miss the opportunity to receive a feasibility study for your particular situation because we have the expertise to make it.

Don’t dream until your dream comes true, but leave it to us and enjoy living.


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