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The wheels are specially engineered to fit both antique and modern environments, adding unique harmonic shape to the linearity of the location and the state of the art LED lighting feature will enhance the image of the wheel according to customer request. The programmed drive system option is designed for easy operation, ensuring a safe, simple start and stop procedures.
The gondolas are available open or enclosed and wheelchair friendly to allow disabled people to enjoy the experience; these can be illuminated with a well lighted LED system and they come in different shapes and sizes to fit every single need.

Depending on the size of the Wheel, the system will allow simultaneous loading of two, three, four or five cabins, that are designed to welcome mobility-impaired passengers too allowing them access with secure entry and exit by wheelchair friendly cabin. The compact gondolas have a smooth classic octagonal or squared structural steel frame covered with a colourful fiberglass skin while ski style cabins with large windows offer passengers the most impressive panoramic view over the site.

Cabins can be of three different types: the classic ones are the “face-to-face” cabins, which have 6 seats benches; the “cocktails cabins” have the atmosphere of a bar, with barstool and tables for drinks; “VIP cabins” are the most luxurious, with sofas, champagne and furniture which call back to a yacht.

You can find the best model according to your needs, because we have different offers that vary in height (15 meters to 100 meters) design and colour.

To enjoy the experience of the ferris wheel, guests should be 55’’ tall if they’re not accompanied but restrictions can vary based on exact details implemented and decided by local conditions.


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