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A Ferris wheel is a popular amusement ride consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying components attached to the rim in such a way that, as the wheel turns, they are kept upright.

A Ferris Wheel is an interesting and secure source of income for a lifetime because it’s more than a simple ride or a Landmark: when positioned on the right spot it becomes one of the most popular attractions for tourists and city visitors not in Theme Parks only! In fact their slow-moving nature allows for a peaceful observation of the surrounding landscape, making them popular scenic areas of cities with notable skylines.
The Ferris wheel has become an iconic image and is often used in films, literature, and other media to symbolize whimsy, romance, or the fleeting nature of childhood.

The design and operation of Ferris wheels are subject to rigorous safety standards and regular inspections and the ride is generally considered one of the safer amusement attractions. Wheel Passengers will feel safe and secure as they experience the unique thrill of riding the wheel, gently raising them up for an exceptional 360 degree panoramic view of the horizon.

For the Investor, a wheel represents a rare, high profile opportunity for creating or enhancing a company’s image, even branding the central sign with a logo if you are willing to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities.
Note the projections about the wheel investment and its profitability potential, are not necessarily related to the chosen size because even a medium size wheel may represent an interesting investment when placed in the correct spot of value with the best theme appeal.

Our design always meets or exceeds the newest and most stringent safety standards in the industry to be built with either a concrete foundation or simply erected on the ground, permanent or travelling.


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